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[The moon is full, lighting the dark ground below in its bright brilliance. In fact, the natural satellite even seems larger than usual... almost eerily so.

Perfect. No better night to cause a little mischief (or, as it will soon turn out to be, a lot of mischief) than one where the dark mysteries of souls long passed can be witnessed in as much of their glory as possible.

A smile creeps across the angled features of the fae. He had his inspiration for this eve; a certain Pirate King, whom he was quite fond of. Indeed, it was far past time for Robin Goodfellow to bring a little magic to the school. Taking care to remain invisible to all eyes, human, magical, and gargoyle alike, the fae flew high into the air, whispering and beaconing to the ocean far below the island.]

"Yo ho, yo ho a pirate's life for me"
Has ne'er died in the hearts of voyagers
Who have long since been lost to the cold sea.
Well, tis time, again, to raise your banners!

Arise once more to greet the dark of night
Your purpose old will ne'er be forgotten
Some shall challenge you, others in their fright
Will run, but wont forget th'skull on cotton.

Spirits, lend them your energy to-night
And Puck shall bring them from the ocean, here.
Once more, together, shall you plunder, fight,
Taking back the glory, inciting fear~!

Pirates, burn into their faire memories
Alert their senses, make them all scurry!

[Small pinpricks of light appear below the floating island, zipping silently towards the Caribbean, diving into the ocean at a frightening and unreal speed. They seek out the drowned and murdered pirates that rot at the bottom of the ocean; as soon as they touch the skeletons, flesh begins to revive -to an extent- and eyes sharpen.

Once the magic sets in, true to his word, the fae whisks them all into the edge of the Ave Maria Forest.

All the anger, all the rage, all the bitterness and loathing towards the living control their movements, as the thousands and thousands of "undead" pirates storm towards the school. With a loud roar, they take down the gate, ready to pillage, plunder, rifle, and loot... Perhaps they'll appear horrifically and uncannily familiar to a certain Ms. Swann. Though, for once, that is a complete coincidence on Puck’s part.

Will you stand by and become a victim of their onslaught? Or will you fight for your life?

The choice is yours.

OOC: These pirates are DANGEROUS. They have real weapons, and their skill is equal to that of when they were alive and sailed the seven seas. However, they cannot be killed, as they are already dead; as a result, they cannot feel pain and have no fear (after all, they've already experienced death, they have nothing left to lose), can reassemble themselves, and are really quite strong. They cannot be reasoned with, and take utmost joy in scaring, fighting, and injuring anyone and everyone in their path (and being pirates, they do like the ladies~... which isn‘t a good thing). Unlike the snowmen, they will not fall at any point and time until the spirits Puck set out use up all their life-force; that should happen as soon as the sun rises.

That being said, the strength of the spirits inside them can be controlled by Puck, to an extent. He cannot separate them from the pirates, but he can influence how much life-force one gives a pirate at a time. However, it’s rather tricky, and uses up his energy; thus, he will only make the pirates easier to stand up against for his students. The more his student is in his favor, the more he’ll interfere.

Other than that, he’s covered all his tracks, so that even the Sisters wont know this was his doing. He wont make himself known at any time, either, nor will he heal the injured afterwards (like he made sure to do with the snowmen). HAVE FUN, STAY SAFE, WORK TOGETHER!~ THIS IS A MINGLE POST FOR A REASON! 83]
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