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★ I won't let him hurt you
[He no longer cared what lay deep within the Mist. He'd been thinking about this for a long time, but now he couldn't just sit by and do nothing, which is exactly what he was doing by staying here. But still, he would leave this much for those he cared about.

On the floor just inside their doors, they'd find a sealed letter.]

Letter to XehanortCollapse )

Letter to Aqua and VentusCollapse )

Letter to LottieCollapse )


[He kept it short, if nothing else than for his own resolve. He just hopes that they'll understand that he has to do this.

Farewell, academy. Hello, Mist.]
24th-Jun-2011 05:50 pm - 023 Charms--Action OTA + Stranglings
Please don't
[Every time Aqua seemed to have gotten better, she managed to take two steps back. Since the Mist's arrival, she was pushing herself once more. The fear that her friends might be in danger adds to her stress. Her throat was sore, making it difficult to talk. She's been trying to get in contact with those she cares about, but her communicator hasn't been working properly.

Right now the keyblade master has left her room, forcing her body to take one step after another. And then...the atmosphere changes, as though there's a heavy weight on her shoulders and heart. At first she thinks it's her body telling her it's reached it's breaking point, ready to shut down. But by the way the hairs on the back of her neck were standing, coupled with the stillness in the air...she knows what it is. The Mist...

Her train of thought is cut off by the piercing scream. Fear grips at her heart, urging her to pick up her pace. All she could do was pray she could get there on time. Each step she takes make her heart pound faster and louder until it's the only things she hears. A million things are running through her head.

What if that scream belonged to Lottie? To Ven? To Terra? Axel? Dave? Her mind trapped int hat state, Aqua didn't see one of the books that had been knocked down. She tripped over the thick novel, tumbling down and head making contact with the floor. There's no movement except for the slow rise and fall of her chest to show she is semi-alive.]
24th-Jun-2011 04:41 pm - 28 || Action, OTA + Strangelings ||
A star is born!
[Lottie had been hiding since the Mist arrived.

Why, might you ask? For fear of her powers going on the fritz again, for one. But it was mainly do to disturbing images that had been flashing before her eyes.

One minute it's her room, normal, if not unnaturally cold and unnerving; the next she's in New Orleans, shadows running rampant everywhere, people screaming, the sky a horrible industrial orange from all the toxic fires that rage all around the city.

The images are brief, but they leave her breathless, with tears in her eyes, body frozen in fear. They're incapacitating, and they come too often for her to just wander out. She didn't want anyone to see her like this, going crazy, seeing hallucinations... but... they felt so real... It's that exact realism that scares her to the point of isolation, scares her of her mental state.

But it isn't until a sharp pang suddenly hit her chest that she screamed and collapsed to the ground. It was as if she was stabbed all the way through, the pain great and unwavering. She managed to crawl to the wall near her door, propping herself up against it. The world spun from the agony of it all, and she couldn't move any further, not without passing out completely.

If only she knew it was phantom pains from her failed rescue.

Terrified out of her wits, unsure of what's happening to her, she desperately shrieks out for help between gasps for air.]

Sinbad...! Miguel...! Chel...! Aqua...! D-Dave...! Somebody... Please...!
worried // here come the manly tears
[Great. Fantastic. Wonderful.


Hiccup is currently huddled with Toothless in the school's gymnasium. He hates this. He hates the mist. Hiccup isn't really a hateful person, but he absolutely despises it. For now, though, he's just trying to wait it out. Not like he can do much else, after all--the mist is taking its toll on him already. His leg is aching yet again, and his mind is frazzled, memories and sensations from both of the mist rescues he was involved in pouring over him. He feels sick, but at least this time it isn't a full-blown flashback.

Which is good, because someone needs to keep Toothless from going berserk around the mist. He's on edge and hostile right now, and it takes all of Hiccup's energy and effort to keep him safe, calm, and not letting him set fire to everything.]

Shhh, bud. It's okay, all right? We just have to wait it out, no big deal.

[He hopes the words don't sound as false as they feel, because this definitely feels like a big deal. Hiccup glances to the gymnasium entrance, hoping no one would come in and set Toothless off. Which, of course, is fate's cue to send everyone into the gym now.]

((OOC: As a warning, any responses to this post are at risk of being dragonjacked!))
24th-Jun-2011 10:02 am - action. ota+strangeling
bodies are writhing still
[The strangeling presence was more than familiar to Axel, given his time in the mist prior to his arrival. So while he noticed the paranoia and mild panic taking its toll on others, he just went through everything normally like he would on a day to day basis.

So while most were distracted with their own personal demons, Axel took the time to practice with the poi again, the fires spinning around on the end of the cord. Last time, he was interrupted by the security and forced to stop. This time, he was sure that with the mist, the chances of someone bothering him was slim.]
23rd-Jun-2011 11:42 pm - 003 ACTION || OTA + STRANGELINGS
*The mist had gotten Brooklyn on high alert across the campus. He took the moment to survey the campus outside, gliding on what the wind provided, high over the campus grounds.

The gargoyle rubs his arms a little and almost shivers at the sight of the Mist all around him. It was all coming back to him. The day he woke up to find his clan gone, taken by the mist. He purses his beak into a thin line. Who knows what might have happened to his clan members when they were swiped away like that. Brooklyn couldn't help but feel a little guilty about the situation to this day, and it sat in the back of his head every once in a while, when his mind wasn't on something else.

Brooklyn closes his eyes and shrugs his shoulders up to his pointed ears, shaking his head. No. He wouldn't let these thoughts get to him. He needed to keep focused, and keep on the look out for any wandering students outside. While his mind was preoccupied with fighting back his thoughts, he hadn't notice how the breeze had lowered him down. He flies so low, that when he opens his eyes again, he's merely a foot or two of a tree in the quad. He couldn't stop the inevitable.

Brooklyn slammed into the tree, his head smacking into it with a firm thump. His wings flutter, as he is startled and he falls back into the grass with a small yelp. After a moment of realizing what had just happened, he slowly sits up and holds his head with a hiss, his head spinning.*
24th-Jun-2011 12:00 am - 013; action; open to all
do I detect herbal essences?
[The old-fashioned oil lamp smashes to the floor, and in mere moments the room is in flames.

Her place of refuge will be cinders, and his only regret is that he cannot stay to watch her burn along with it. She sleeps as beautifully as she walks, gracefully and evenly, each breath as assured as the next. But soon enough her thick, rich clothing would no doubt burn slowly, starting at the hems and licking up towards the bodice, consuming her, overtaking her, deaf to her screams and pleading for it to stop, setting her hair ablaze in a demonic mockery of a halo. And oh, what a performance she would give him then: a final, twisting, visceral dance only a witch could enact. He would be there, watching with a cold stoicism befitting a man of his moral virtue, a stone statue in the face of mere fire, untouched by the flames of Hell that turn their wicked tongues upon their own servant.

Frollo watches the fire until smoke rakes his throat and his eyes dry with the heat, and even then he cannot bear to turn away completely. He steps back to admire his work, and a heated shiver wracks his body, spreading from his chest and rippling through every nerve, electrifying him, and for one horrific moment, he is with her there, entwined, burning, damned.

He takes flight, dashing down the stairs at the opposite end of the hallway. Before long he is no more than a shadow cutting across the quad, Mist at his heels and his robes whipping behind him.

If she would not be his, she would be the Devil's.]

((Note: Frollo will not be replying to this post, having fled the scene of the crime. But feel free to discover Esmeralda's burning room and help her salvage what she can... if anything.))
Disneyland is... closed?
[Kairi had fallen asleep at her desk -reading, seeing as there wasn't much else to do- when her comminicator spurred her awake.

A feeling of anxiety blanketed her heart, seemingly trying to smother out any feelings that would counteract it. But is wasn't until she saw the garbled news report and dared to take a peak outside that a sense of dread engulfed her.

Strangelings. Everywhere. It was just like that fateful night two years ago when the Mist first took Sora and Riku away from her. The memories of helplessness replayed over and over in her head, and her heart began to ache painfully with regret and fear. Fear that, now, her friends were indeed forever lost to the Mist... that Riku was kidnapped by it, why he left he without a note or telling her otherwise... that she would be next. She couldn't seem to catch her breath, her body insisted on hyperventilating; her mind raced thousands of miles an hour, eyes stinging with tears she was too terrified to cry, and her hand clutched her bosom as her heart grew heavier with each beat. She was having a panic attack.

The sense of impending doom and desparation drove her outside into the quad, into the Mist, as fast as her feet could carry her.]

Riku...! Sora...! Please, please... come back!

[Someone please reel this girl back in before she acts on pure emotion and does something stupid.]
23rd-Jun-2011 01:52 am - Action + Video // OTA + Strangelings
I'm not stuck!
[With a soft creak, Pooh opened the door of Joe West Hall and peered outside.]

Hello? Halloooo out there! [He smiled and let out a small laugh] Oh good, no one's around.

[He didn't care how much the adults had advised him to stay inside. He didn't care how scary they told him the Mist and Strangelings were; he was determined to go to the forest to check on his friends. If the Mist was really as terrible as the people on campus described it, then it meant Christopher Robin, Piglet and the others were possibly in danger and needed his help. He didn't know how he was going to help them but that didn't deter Pooh one bit

He tiptoed silently, clutching a large flashlight in one paw and trying to close the door with the other. Unfortunately the heavy door slipped from his tiny grasp. With a mighty boom the door shut. Startled that the sound would draw attention, he quickly put his paw near his mouth and gave the door a scolding "shh!"

He pushed the button on his flashlight but it didn't emit any light. He pressed it a few more times but to no avail.] Oh bother. [He shook it but it didn't light up.] I believe the batteries are dead.

[To make matters worse, his communicator started making a sharp buzzing sound. Pooh grabbed it and brought it up to his his eyes, accidentally turning it on in the process. Using the same gesture he did on the door, he whispered at his communicator]

Shh! Someone might hear you.
22nd-Jun-2011 10:50 pm - 11 ♥ Action; OTA + Strangelings
♡ We kiss and fall in love
[Having caught the flickering map and how the Mist had spread, Xehanort can't help but feel worried for Xion. So, currently, he's sitting at his desk, penning a letter. It's for his own comfort, since Xion's constantly on the move and he has no idea where to send it. So instead, he'll write letter after letter, crumpling them up and tossing them over his shoulder.

...Some of them out the door. Oops.]
22nd-Jun-2011 11:21 pm - 016 // Inexplicable
[The television clicks on of its own accord, as is typical with matters in this state -- the message is as panicked and harried as ever as the newscaster struggles to make his report before the broadcast goes dead.]

Sources report that the Black Mist has inexplicably-- [shhhhhhhht] --the whole of Disney Academy. [shh-shh-shhhht] --is unprecedented given its marked lack of growth in the past months, leaving researches-- [shhhhhhht] --discard their previous notions of organic growth. Why or how it has seemed to target-- [shhhhhhh--sh-shhht]

An updated map flashes up on the screen, distorted and crackled by interferenceCollapse )
[The newscaster attempts to force out the last few lines of his report, but the television clicks off once more.]
22nd-Jun-2011 10:12 pm - 08 || Action || OTA + Strangelings
[The familiar distortions on his comm had left Jackie with a very eerie sense of foreboding that he couldn't shake no matter what he did to distract himself. Even his usual meditations were interrupted by feelings that he wasn't alone or that there might be someone...or something watching him.

Still, Jackie continued to try and continue his days as normally as possible, to will himself not to let himself succumb to these feelings. So, right now, he was making his way towards the library with several books under his arm, a red handkerchief hanging out of his back left pocket for those students who wished to take him up on the offer he'd made before this all started.

Just act normally. It's just another day. Another, ordinary day.]
21st-Jun-2011 09:15 pm - 021 || [action] ota! || miss me?
Belle → More smiles for you!
[Way too many things had been weighing on Belle's mind for the last couple of weeks. But this morning she had rolled out of bed determined to enjoy herself. All she needed, she thought, was a little change. Change was good. She had been stuck in a rut for so long - it was definitely time to get out of it. The first step was to get out of her room. Although Ariel seemed to brood a little more than normal nowadays, she was still out and about as per usual. Belle, on the other hand, had mostly kept to herself. She pulled her closet open and stepped back. A small row of dresses greeted her. She dug through them, thinking about the heat. At the very, very back of her closet was a pair of cream colored, slightly puffy shorts that she had made herself but had never worn for some reason or another. That, paired with a pale blue blouse, a matching ribbon and black flats made up her outfit. She smiled at herself in the mirror - so it wasn't that big a change, but it was still something.

She left her room with a basket - an empty basket. No books this time. The plan was to head to the gardens and picks some flowers to brighten up her room - maybe even berries if she could find any.

You'll probably bump into her on her way there - or maybe you're enjoying the gardens already?]
21st-Jun-2011 11:34 am - 06: [action - OTA]
...and so the little girl took the puppy home, and they lived happily ever after. The end.

[Jane closes the book in her hands gently so as not to wake the four-year-old curled up beside her. Poor Danny. She couldn't possibly have turned him away when he crawled into her bed earlier that night, close to tears because he was feeling frightened and begging her for a story.

Truth be told, she was feeling quite frightened herself. An extra person sleeping beside her was actually a great comfort, and knowing he was safe and close-by really put her fears at ease.

Well... perhaps not entirely, but it certainly helped.

She places her brother's book on the nightstand beside the bed as quietly as she can and turns off the lamp, but not before putting a bit more of her blanket over Mr. Lotso's sleeping form on the other side of her. Wrapped up cozily between the two, Jane lets her eyes close and nearly drifts off to sleep.

....until the sudden crackle of her communicator jolts her back awake.

Thankfully Danny hadn't been woken. She sighs with relief, but suddenly feels a chill. She's surprised to find the window opened, so she rises from the bed to shut it.]
Meg | What was I thinking.
 [ Unlike most accidental videos that are broadcast, this accidental video is very brief, only signifying that Meg had tossed the sputtering and crackling comm across her dorm room and left it. She hated that noise, and she didn't intend on coming back to her dorm to listen to it anytime soon. Nope. She needed a pick-me-up. Potential danger be damned.
So, off to the library.
But she wouldn't be frequenting the sections she did usually (you know, before her death). No, she's flipping through numerous newspapers and magazines with a pair of old scissors, cutting and slashing through articles and interviews, collecting them all in a folder. No longer would she remain pessimistic about Wonderboy and his wonderful achievements. Sure, they were a twist of the knife in her heart. But she'd rather take advantage of having at least someone behind her back. Meg could lean on Jasmine, but she couldn't fall on her. And Sinbad was too much of a gamble, even still. Hell if anyone else could be trusted or leaned on. She'll keep on cutting and clipping and storing for later scrapbooking, but don't expect her to be too open about it. ]
20th-Jun-2011 07:47 pm - 003 [ video | OTA ]
[The broadcast currently going out over the comm network is filled with whimpering, heavy breathing, and snot.

Dory is not taking this whole Strangeling thing very well. She's convinced there's one waiting outside of her window, and she is absolutely, positively terrified to leave the safe confines of her closet.

Her face is illuminated only by the flashlight held in her shaking hand, and her purple eyes are bloodshot from all the crying she's been doing. The camera angle is unfortunate—you're all getting a pretty clear view of her nasal passages, and nothing about this scene is pretty. When she speaks, her voice is barely above a whisper.]

There's something outside my window.

...can someone p-please make it go away?
[The video started and showed...a chair sitting in the middle of the frame. After several silent seconds, there was a burst of music and confetti and a rather familiar face jumped into view, landing in the chair and flashing a wide grin.]

Helloooo, hello again! Students, faculty, and...all you other people who aren't quite as important, I have returned! But please, please hold your celebrating. I know you must be thrilled, but I have had quite the little trip and would much prefer to get some rest.

So, all celebrations in my honor are to be rescheduled for tomorrow, shortly before lunch, feasting is strongly encouraged and do try to RSVP. Thank you!

[Private to Mulan]

Sooooo? How much have you missed me?
what a lovely floor
[The past month has not been kind to Dave.

He’s still upset over Jane’s sudden departure, still bitter because Balthazar isn’t here, still anxious because Drake is.

He’s more anxious over the Morganian’s presence now than when he first arrived, though, which Dave didn’t think was possible. Then again, he never thought he’d have to tell Drake about Morgana’s death.

Or, rather, about Morgana’s murder.

The thing that worried him most was the utter lack of any response from Drake. Morgana’s blood is on Dave’s hands, he admitted it, and Drake didn’t do a thing. Dave hasn’t even seen the other sorcerer on the network in weeks, and Dave is terrified. He knows how Morganians work, knows how they can wait and wait and wait for just the right moment. Dave’s been avoiding Drake by keeping to himself, in his room, but hiding from Drake is also hiding from everyone else.

Tonight, though, he’s outside, headed for the stadium. A warning hasn’t gone out yet and he has no idea that Strangelings are lurking.

He knows Drake is, though.

And if Drake’s been waiting for his chance, this is it.]
19th-Jun-2011 10:48 pm - 018 // Pursuit
[Your communicator begins to issue a dull buzzing sound, spluttering like a wet candle. Weird, hadn’t you turned it off for the night?

But before long the air seems to thicken around you, and as that now familiar feeling of dread settles on your shoulders, the realization that you’re still not safe – despite the barriers, despite the news reports, despite your own self-deception – begins to dawn on you.

A shadow passes outside your window, and you know it can only be one thing. Moments later, a scream of terror pierces the walls from down the hallway. Panic rises in your chest and you wonder who it is, what has happened, have they been taken, are you next?

You can only hide or seek protection from your friends. You know which option your teachers have been urging since the start, but are you brave enough to venture out?]

For details on this Black Mist Event, see this entry.
18th-Jun-2011 08:45 pm - 019; action; open to all
bow down bitches
[Out on the quad under the shine of the day's brilliant sunlight, Dr. Facilier has set up his neat little card table once more. This time another hand-painted sign is displayed on the sandwich board beside him: Anti-Strangeling Charms it reads, beside it a crude painting of a lanky humanoid figure with a red circle and line crossing it out. Accepting all forms of currency! Atop the table are a few delicate-looking amulets not unlike your average, run-of-the-mill voodoo charm, but hey, what do you know about voodoo charms? To anyone but a connoisseur, it looks pretty legit.

Facilier looks quite at ease beside it, his fingers steepled in front of his face and a small smile quirking his mouth, as though he is awaiting the inevitable onslaught of desperate customers. Despite the obvious scam, what's with his timing? Didn't the latest news report say there had been very little activity in the Black Mist?]
15th-Jun-2011 02:41 am - 07 || Video || Summer Credit
[Well, it's summer and with not as much to do, Jackie is feeling a bit on the playful side and decides to indulge just a bit.]

Good morning, students. I hope that you are all enjoying your summer break. I have decided to offer something for my students which will not only keep the lessons they learned fresh in their minds, but allow them further practice and experience.

[He holds up a red handkerchief with a bit of a smile on his face.]

I will have this cloth on my person at all times while I am walking about on campus. Any student of mine who is able to take this from me will be allowed one automatic A on one exam, excluding the final exam. Of course there are rules to make this fair.

First, no student may benefit from this more than once. So, if you manage to get the cloth once, you can't do it again. This gives everyone fair opportunity.

Second, you are only allowed to try to retrieve the cloth outdoors. This is to insure that no Academy property is damaged inside. Don't worry, I will be outside enough to give ample opportunity.

Finally, students ARE allowed to work together to retrieve the cloth. If teamwork is used, then the entire team benefits from the reward.

That is all...I wish you all luck. Let me know if you have any questions.
[Well, the Mist isn't moving. Things seem to be settling down and everyone's good and relaxed. This, then, is a perfect time for a field trip.  Besides, getting some practical knowledge into these kid's heads would be the best thing for them.  Also, he could torture students into scrubbing decks for a month.

So with that, up goes a notice on everyone's doors and community billboards:]

Summer Learning Experience

Sailor?  Pirate?  Bored?  Whatever you are, learn about the basics of spacefaring in this month-long summer internship!  Piloting small and large spacecraft, reading star charts, how to navigate through potentially dangerous obstacles, and who knows?  Perhaps you might find your own treasure.
Voyage begins next Friday.
For more information, contact Captain John Silver.   Sign up sheet is outside Joe West room 408.
14th-Jun-2011 08:15 pm - Action // OTA
A boy and his bear
[With Summer here, Pooh has been spending his days playing near or in the forest, only coming back to campus to sleep and eat meals.

Paying little attention to the network as of late, Pooh was out of the loop of practically anything that was going on at school. He had heard pirates had come to the school but had left so he didn't worry about it. He had also heard the mist that scared people wasn't moving so he didn't worry about it either.

Nope, Pooh didn't have a shred of worry or sadness in him as he chased butterflies among the flowers that grew on the border between Disney Academy and The 100 Acre Woods.]
14th-Jun-2011 05:43 pm - 07 [Video]
 [It's really not uncommon to see Lotso looking a bit battered and exhausted. In this case, he's just come back from a long walk across campus, without the aid of his trusted walking cane. He holds up the toy mallet, popping the head off of the handle.]


Alright, two things. First off, does anybody have a glue gun with 'em? I'd sure appreciate it if I could borrow one. 
Second, has anybody seen Jane? I.. I lost track of 'er again, I wanna be sure that she's okay.
[He seems especially worried about that last bit. Maybe he is getting too soft, he's becoming uncomfortable when he's separated for too long.]
Guess who's birthday it is~

Who wants to help me celebrate?!
[Roxas had a lot on his plate lately.

Experiencing the Princess' memories first hand, trying his best to help her and finding out she was due to be wed, keeping secrets from the school for his best friends sake, hoisting around the knowledge that he still hadn't got his lost memories back, comforting Ventus- well, needless to say, everything had taken it's toll. He was exhausted.

And so it's in the middle of a trip to the library that he falls asleep, cheek pressed against the inside of an open book as he snores lightly.

Care to wake him up before he starts drooling and really embarrasses himself?
14th-Jun-2011 03:20 am - 002 [action | ota]
i'm the shit.
[Sinbad's been walking around the campus for some time now.  Sure, he'd had a tour, but with such permitting weather he couldn't help but be outside.  A part of him missed being on his ship, over the ocean with the refreshing sea breeze, but he knew better.  He was safer here, on the muggy land.  In fact, by now, he was in the Botanical Gardens, sitting against the trunk of a tree.  He wiped a line of sweat from his forehead before folding both hands behind his head.]

Gotta love the heat...
13th-Jun-2011 09:36 pm - 05: [action]

[Way out in the Goofy Stadium, the form of a person lies on the floor, curled up in a tight ball. After a few moments it stirs, groaning softly. She wakes to the piercing feeling of an aching back and neck, as well as the sharp pain of several cuts on her ankles. The cuts prove to her that the events of the night before weren't part of a horrible nightmare as she had hoped. It had all been real.

She shudders.

It all really happened. Those ghastly creatures attacking her. Her and Mr. Lotso's narrow escape. Her being unable to find...]

.... Danny!

[Right away her eyes widen and a look of utter terror crosses her face. She tries to pull aching body up off of the ground.
She simply must get back to Joe West and find her brother. She must!]
13th-Jun-2011 06:07 pm - 003 | VIDEO | OPEN TO ALL
It's summer time and there are no classes which means it's the PERFECT time to study another culture! [But to be honest for Milo anytime is a good time for studying another culture.]

I'm putting together a group to study tribal cultures that worship sun gods. We're going to make costumes, learn ancient songs, stories and dances, build solar models, and camp out in the woods! Feel free to send me a text or video message saying that you'd like to be involved - all students and teachers are welcome! We'll start the first camp-out this Friday!
something is not right here.
[Oh hey, Academy. Remember Hiccup?

Well, you better. You might not be seeing him much anymore over the comms. Not if this dragon has anything to say about it.

A horrible gnashing is heard, accompanied by the slight gurgle of the tongue and a chesty rumble of content. Hiccup is nowhere to be seen. In fact, the only thing that can be seen in the inside of a dragon’s mouth, and if the light hits just right and the angle is good, you can even see down into his gullet. But anyone who picks up on this transmission, should be able to hear Hiccup.]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Toothless, you-- ...what are you doing?

Are you...hey, that's--! No. No, come on, bud, you have to get that out of your mouth! I-I need that, and I really doubt it tastes any good--hey--ow!

[Is… is Hiccup being eaten alive?! Only one way to find out!]

((OOC: This is a joint post between Hiccup and Toothless!))
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