005 {Video} OTA / Beach party, y'all!

[Hey, guess who it is! It's Nani, looking bored and a bit antsy.][She waves into the camera.] It's been so boring around here since the....well...since the attack. So I was thinking, why don't we have a little party down at the beach? I'll even get the drinks!

[Read: Guess who bought too much beer on her 21st birthday just because she could?]

I'll be down there around seven. See you then.

[Nani waves again and switches off the camera...

...only to turn it back on a few seconds later.]

And bring your board if you surf. Okay, that's it.
helga | second thought.

005 // action // backdated a bit // ota

[ Wondering why she's been gone a while, Academy? Because only recently has Helga picked up her patrol again. If anything, her evening patrol was the one solid thing that happened every afternoon. When it stopped, well, who wouldn't notice? Much like it had Hiccup and Lottie, the Mist made her relapse, nearly stealing her ability to walk. It made her weak, and she wasn't allowing anyone to see her in that state, no siree. Since then she's gathered herself, getting back down to business and even, making her room seem a little less plastic.

It seems she's made use of what vast, bland wall she has, and by her doorframe, a collage displaying all the places she'd been (and all the places she wouldn't mind going back to.) like the valleys of Egypt, the plains of Maryland, the cities of Germany, the gates of Japan and the palaces of Korea. She doesn't mind the exposure, it was something nice to look at, rather than just the walls. With the door open to air out her room, she's been going through a bit of her more personal belongings, organizing them, and tossing out what she didn't need nor want. The little things would collect from her pockets and other assortments. Feel free to pop in without appointment; she has tea on the hot plate, and not much else to do on this bland summer afternoon. ]

001 || [Video]

It’s going to be strange to sleep in a room with a roof. I’ve been spending the day outside since I left Manhattan.

[It was difficult to manipulate the communicator with talons rather than fingers. Angela – excited and nervous in equal measures – turned it over in her claws, studying the unfamiliar technology with an expression of fascination on her face, unaware that it was already recording her.]

Learning how to use this is going to be even stranger.

[Carefully, she placed the device on the dressing table in her new bedroom - a bedroom that she had no intention of using when there was a perfectly serviceable roof above her - and reached out to switch it on. She was as ready as she would ever be.]

Hello. [She smiled nervously at the screen. Her claws and wings identified her as a gargoyle, but it was her colouring and her dark hair that marked her out as Goliath’s daughter. Not that she remembered her father – or the Manhattan Clan – at all at the moment, thanks to her prolonged exposure to the Black Mist.] My name is Angela. I’ve never been to a school before and I’m very excited to be here.

My letter said that you already know about gargoyles. It’s going to be wonderful to live in harmony with humans once more. [That was the thing that she missed about Avalon. That and the only family that she could remember.] We have to work together if we’re going to defeat the Mist. None of us are strong enough to stop it on our own, but we’re strong when we’re together.

[She paused, looking around at her unfamiliar surroundings. Her new home.]

Thank you for allowing me to fight alongside you.
Sneak around, Action time

003 Shurikan [OTA/ACTION]

[The Academy has been quiet...waaayy too quiet for Yuffie's tastes. Yes, the Mist was frightful and left the ninja out of her element. She didn't feel like herself and realized a few things.

1. She didn't do anything when the damn thing rolled on in like it owned the place.

2. She needed to buy candles in case that happened again because it got way too dark for her tastes.

Lastly, 3. She needed to find a way to keep her ninja skills sharp! What better way than..to play a little prank on everyone?

For the past couple of hours at night she's been tying what look like to be little cute origami animals to people's doorknobs within the halls of Joe West. Nothing harmless about them, right? After all, who would suspect a crane of doing anything?]

Collapse )
I knew a woman once...

001 Video || OTA

*The video flickers on, a few times, as the one operating the communicator is having a bit of difficulty. But, a face does flicker into view*

Blasted thing. I think I have it now. *Proteus leans back in his seat and smooths out the creases in his shirt, clearing his throat*

Greetings students and staff. I am Proteus, your new Swordsmanship teacher here at the Academy. You can sign up for my class whenever you'd like, and I can assure you, we won't be using real swords. Safety is priority, but I can say, after the first few weeks of class, you may start to have a few bruises here or there. *He chuckles lightly before his smile slowly fades*

I have noticed a ship when I came into port. Is... Is there a man named Sinbad here, perchance?
dreams do come true


 [Rapunzel has been on Cloud 9 for the past week. Maybe you've noticed her dancing down the halls on her way to lunch, or seen her slightly spaced out in the library with the biggest smile in the world on her face. Maybe you haven't noticed her at all because she's been reserving her spare time to be with a certain someone.

Either way, you'll probably see her now, sitting by the fountain in the quad on a pile of her hair, humming softly to herself and drawing into a sketchbook with Pascal perched on her shoulder. Her cheeks are slightly pink as she works, obviously putting extra care into getting the picture just right.]


[While the librarian position was cozy and easy going enough for his liking, baser thrills and old habits still peaked in now and then for Teague. He was a pirate and at this time, he was itching to keep his aim strong, in case the need to shoot something arises in this place.

Pistol in his hand, Teague figured some simple target practice would be the best choice for him. Something far away and moving. Acquiring a target, he cocked the gun to hear the familiar clicking sound and fired.

And as the loud gun shot rang through the school and communication, somewhere, a goose was going to fall from the sky with a bullet through it's head and plop onto the ground next to some unsuspecting person on the school grounds.]
You thinkin' what I'm thinkin' Rajah?

18 || Action, OTA

[Things had been looking up for the Princess. Ironically, many of them were due to the Mist.

When it had visited, she had lost the ability to feel, much as Roxas and Axel had. However, that gave her a reprieve to think, to figure out what she should have long ago. While her feelings towards certain individuals were still a jumbled mess, she had been able to realize something else. That her time here is limited; Hades could come back for her in a few hours, or a few months... or maybe, if fate was kind, a few years. Regardless, the time left before she had to finish paying for Meg's return was precious, limited. And it was up to her to live it to the fullest.

The numbness also allowed her to catch up on much-needed sleep; nightmares had still plagued her dreams even long after her last encounter with Mozenrath. Without the fear and slew of other negative emotions, slumber came easy. Speaking of the sorcerer, he had made himself scarce, or so it seemed. That, too, was a welcome relief.

Combined, Jasmine had the change to heal, physically, as well as a bit mentally. The color fully returned to her cheeks, the bags under her eyes vanished, even her fear of making herself too available and accidentally involving more innocents dwindles steadily. That's not to say she wont be wary about opening up, or completely refuse to, but it won't hinder her socializing this time around.

She had spent the past few days going out into the quad and quietly soaking up the sun, her sunkissed glow having taken a turn for the worst during her sequestering. Today, though, she had accidentally catnapped through the afternoon and most of the sunshine; however, that wasn't going to stop her from getting what rays she could.

Jasmine can be found out up against the edge of the fountain, lounging, watching the golden sun slowly set beyond the horizon... And for the first time in a long time, she looks at peace.]

019 [ video | OTA ]

[Dave's certain word must have spread about his condition while he was out of it (he won't say coma, won't think it, won't let that voice in the back of his head say you're lucky to be alive, you know, even though he knows it's true), so he's sure people might be relieved to hear that he's okay.

For the most part, anyway.

His heart's not really in the message he sends out.

From the looks of it, neither is his mind. His gaze is flat, distant; his skin pale; eyes ringed with dark exhaustion.

But he does look apologetic.

Actually, guilty might be a better word. Also, numb.]
I'm pretty sure everyone knows about the stadium by now. I'm... I take full responsibility for that. I don't really remember what happened, but I know it was me, and... I'm sorry. I'll fix it.
Drake, I'm sorry. I don't know what—
Something came over me. Something... weird. I dunno.
And I'm really, really sorry. To you and everyone. I hope you're all okay, now that the mist is gone.
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☆ You spin me right round~

[☆ 11, OTA || Dance Magic Dance]

[Puck had basically been missing since the pirate invasion.


Well, for one, summoning up enough magic to hold such a... soiree... had left the fae thoroughly drained of energy. That, on top of the Mist's influence, had kept him in a restorative coma longer than intended.

But he's back, and he's been completely restored to his former strength.

However, where is the bugger of a fae?

He's out in the open (for once), "dancing" around the quad -for lack of a better word- going back and forth between zipping and twisting through the air, and skipping and leaping across the cement. All the while, he's zapping plants and objects with spells. Flowers begin to bud and bloom, the grass seems a little greener -well, a lot greener- and the trees appear much taller and fuller than before. The water in the fountain reflects impossible glistening colors never seen before by human eyes, and anything stone brilliantly sparkles in the right angle of sunlight (or moonlight, for his gargoyle "friends").

Whether the spells are temporary or permanent is uncertain, but Puck seems to be enjoying himself either way.]